Accessing your website when your Active Directory domain matches your website domain

Situation: Your internal Active Directory domain is and your website is When you attempt to connect to your website from your inside network, the website will not resolve. 

Solution: Create a CNAME record in your internal DNS for your website. Your internal DNS server needs CNAME record created for

To create a CNAME record, open your Microsoft DNS management console, and follow these steps:

  1. In the DNS console, expand the Forward Lookup Zones folder for the server you want to work with.

  2. Right-click the domain you want to update and then from the pop-up menu, choose New Alias

  3. Type the alias in the Alias Name field. The alias will be "www" with no quotes

  4. In the Fully Qualified Name For Target Host Field, enter "" with no quotes

  5. Click OK.

After this update, you will need to clear the DNS cache on your local computer. Please use this reference to find the steps for your system. 

How to clear DNS cache 

After clearing the cache, open a web browser and access

Note: Active Directory reserves the for directory controllers. Schools that use the same domain for AD and their website will not be able to set an entry to access your website without the WWW in front of This is a limitation of running the same namespace for internal and external DNS, and Campus Suite cannot make this configuration work inside of your network. Please use the full inside your network. 

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