General Information

Can we control the default landing page when logging into Campus Suite?

The default landing page for everyone is the main dashboard. This cannot be changed. However, you can provide direct URLs to any page within your private intranet to redirect people to once they have logged in. 

Many customers choose to have a "Staff Resource" page out on their public website for their faculty and staff. This page could provide a direct URL to the various resources available in your private Intranet. People can also bookmark these pages. When these links are clicked, or the bookmarks invoked;

  • If the user is already logged in, they will be redirected to the requested resource.
  • If the user is not logged in, they will be asked to do so. Once logged in, they are redirected to the requested resource.

Please note: Currently, the redirection above works as described for standard email and password authentication only. If you are using any form of Single Sign-On (SSO), you will be taken to the main dashboard in all cases. We are working to make all forms of authentication redirect just like standard email and password login.