Create a new department and add pages to it

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This quick video will demonstrate how to create a new department and add pages to that department.

How do I create a new department?

What are the META Keywords and Descriptions?

Search "bots", sometimes called "spiders", are programs that will from time to time visit your pages to gain information about them. When a program such as these accesses your page, it gains the information it needs from META tags in your web page's HTML markup. So, in order to get better results in sites like Google, you need to make sure you use good META data! These programs can also usually detect if a page is trying to trick it, so adding in irrelevant META data will not help you.

  • META Keywords are words or phrases that "tag" or categorize your page.
  • A META Description is a quick line or two about your site or page that the search "spiders" will keep and possibly store somewhere with other data about your site. This is a more verbose description of your page than what the META Keywords provide.

What is the META No Index and No Follow

The purpose of the previously mentioned search "spiders" is to find your page, index it, search it for links to other pages, follow those links, and perform the same actions again. Usually, this is a good thing, as people want their pages to be indexed, as well as the pages it links to. There are times when this is not desired, which is why the META No Index and META No Follow settings were created.

  • The META No Index setting will alert the bot that it should ignore and not index the page.
  • The META No Follow setting will alert the bot that it should not process nor follow links on the page.

These settings can be used separately, or together. Note that using one does not automatically imply the other. (In Campusuite, though, these two are combined in the page properties, so both will be enabled or disabled.)

Not all bots will properly recognize these settings. Bots from more well-known and respected search engines will most likely correctly check these settings and handle them properly. Improperly programmed bots may simply ignore these settings and continue on processing your page no matter what.