General Information

Dashboard Navigation

The links that run down the left side of your website dashboard will change based on your access level.

  • Dashboard
    Takes a user back to the main dashboard. On the main dashboard screen, users can jump to departments they manage, view and modify their profile, submit support tickets, and review open tickets. Administrators can review resource usage statistics and login activity.

  • Process Checklist (Disappears after site deployment)
    This item is used during the initial onboarding of your website. It is our "Process and Timeline" screen. You’ll refer to this screen throughout the development process. This screen not only shows what step you are on, but who owns that step, and whether or not that step has been completed. When your website is deployed, this link disappears.

  • Drafts
    Click Drafts to see the drafts around your website. Publishers see only their own drafts. Administrators can see everyone's drafts and have special filtering options to see drafts in various stages.

  • Sitebuilder
    Use this tool to build and publish the departments and pages of your website. It allows you and your project manager to make sure all the right pages are created to receive the content that will be coming in from your previous

  • Websites (formerly, Sites and Departments)
    This view shows you all your websites, usually one, and the departments within. You can make setting adjustments and jump out to view or manage departments and pages.

  • Intranets (Private Departments)
    This view shows the private departments that you have set up. Not everyone needs an Intranet department, but you can use it to post HR information, publishing standards, or any other information that you ONLY want available to your website publishers who log in.

  • Teacher Websites
    Administrators can see a listing of all teacher websites and jump out to them.

  • Site Management
    This view is for administrators or those with special access to manage design themes, content templates, workflows, manage tags and redirects, and content locks.

    If you are looking for the former Security Management area to manage users and permission, click link in the top-right area of the main dashboard.