Deployment, QA and Testing

Web site testing and preparation for your site deployment. We run pre- and post-deployment checklists of items as we launch your site to help ensure the best possible user experience for the people visiting your web site. "Soft launch" is available if requested.

Items checked for Quality

  • Run link spider to check links using Link Validator. Provide a report to the customer.
  • Set up Google analytics with the snippet the customer provided.
  • Set up and test the Google Custom Search Engine.
  • Set up and test Google Translate services, if applicable.
  • Check titles and meta-data esp. on HOME PAGE and all other site pages.
  • Check any created web forms to be sure they are emailing to the proper person.
  • Browser check: Basic tests, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox (both Mac and PC).
  • Ensure news and calendar items are linking properly from the home page widgets.
  • Check styles in the page editor to be sure lists, buttons, headings, and tables are correct.
  • Make sure the alt tag is correct on the main logo graphics in the header file.
  • Check that links are consistent and change colors on the hover state to something visually different.

Items checked for Accessibility/Screen Readers

  • Ensure images have ALT tags and text.
  • Ensure links have titles.
  • Ensure proper color contrast between foreground and background colors.
  • Semantic markup checks.
  • Table headers.
  • Descriptive and informative page titles.
  • Accessibility policy and a feedback form for users to submit issues.