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Editable Region

Used in a website's themes to specify what areas of a page are editable.

Another widget used in the website themes. Editable regions specify areas of the page where you will allow publishers to edit content. Typical publishers will rarely use it.

How do I add this widget to a page?

  1. Click Edit Page
  2. Click either + Content or the Settings icon (down-facing arrow) which will be located to the right of Edit where you will need to select either Insert above or Insert below
  3. Choose the Editable Region widget
  4. Enter a name you would like to assign the editable region into the Name field, by default it will be content.
  5. When you are finished, click on the green Create button and your Editable Region widget will show up on the page.
  6. Make sure to click either the Publish or the Save Draft option just as you would when you're editing pages.