Widget Library

File List

List the files that are stored in a chosen folder so that visitors to your site can easily get to them.

Displays a list of files in a targeted directory. Make sure your files have meaningful names but be sure to adhere to proper internet file naming. Upload these files to the directory on your website and use this widget to target it. It will list out all the files in that directory. Users can sort by name, or file mod date.

Recommendation - If you are using the File List Widget in conjunction with the Rows widget, we recommend not using anything smaller than either the 1/4 x 3/4 or the 3/4 x 1/4 structures. This allows for correct spacing and a cleaner look for the File List widget

How do I add this widget to a page?

  1. Click Edit Page
  2. Click either + Content or the Settings icon (down-facing caret) which will be located to the right of Edit where you will need to select either Insert above or Insert below
  3. Choose the File List widget
  4. Select the folder that you would like to list on the page and if the widget will traverse subfolders and create a nested list view of the target folder. By Default nested subfolders will not be listed.
  5. Choose how you would like to be ordered. By Default it is Alphabetical. Other options are Reverse Alphabetical, Upload Date or Reverse Upload Date.
  6. Select the target for the force links for files to open in the same window or a new window. By default, links will open in the same window.
  7. Finally, choose if you would like the details (such as file size and date) to show in the list items. By default, extended details will be shown.
  8. After you've configured your options, click the green Create button
  9. Your File List widget will show up on the page.
  10. Make sure to click either the Publish or the Save Draft option just as you would when you're editing pages.


Campus Suite Tip - As you upload files to a directory consider how they will be displayed. This widget displays files in order from symbol to number then alphabetical.

If you want the files to be displayed in a specific order you want to consider renaming them as you upload them. For example, if you have "August6_2016_BOE_Meeting", "September12_2016_BOE_Meeting" and "December5_2016_BOE_Meeting". To get them to list in a correct order you might consider renaming them to "08_06_2016_BOE_Meeting", "09_12_2016_BOE_Meeting" and "12_05_2016_BOE_Meeting". This will display the files in a correct numerical order.