How do I place a form (or a snippet of code) on a page?

To place a form (or any snippet of code such as a twitter feed), you will need to get the snippet of code (usually labeled embed code or something similar). Then go to the page you would like to place it on. In edit mode, position your mouse over the left-hand corner of the container you would like to add it to and click the plus icon. If the container already has something in it, choose either Insert Before or Insert After to add your code accordingly. It’s important that you identify whether the snippet of code uses Javascript, or HTML because there is a widget for either. Select the HTML Source widget (or Script Source widget if it’s Javascript) and paste the snippet of code in. In many cases, the placement of the snippet on the page may matter. If it does not work the way you expect, contact support and they will help you review the snippet and make the best recommendation.