How to I secure my website with SSL?

Campus Suite uses Let's Encrypt to handle SSL. It is a free service that helps organizations around the world obtain, renew, and manage SSL/TLS certificates. Which can then be used to enable a secure HTTPS connection for your website. 

Below you will find a list of links that will help answer any questions that you may have on and SSL/TLS certificates.  

  • How it works - Explains Domain Validation & Certificate Issuance and Revocation work.
  • FAQ - Covers both general questions about Let's Encrypt and technical ones that you may have.
  • Certificate Compatibility - Reviews what software and hardware that Let's Encrypt certificates are compatible and not compatible with. 
  • Certificate - Lists the different types of certificates that they offer.

To have SSL enabled on your website, please put in a support ticket requesting it. The support team will then schedule your site to be set up.