General Information

Internet Legal Filename

If you post a filename on your web site that uses an illegal filename, the results can be unexpected. Some browsers will produce a file not found error message and others won't know what to do with it.

Here are some characters that should not be in a filename: !@#$%^&*,+' and we discourage perens ( ), spaces, and never more than a single period.

See the examples below to understand what is and is not an internet legal filename.

Internet illegal filenames (bad)

  • Annual.Report.doc (has 2 periods, should only have 1 before the three-letter suffix)
  • Third Quarter Annual Report#3.xls (has spaces and a hash # sign)
  • NewMonkeySuit!.pdf (has an exclamation point)
  • somedocument (missing the period and three-letter suffix)
  • Jane@the-summit.jpg (has @ sign)


Internet legal filenames (good) here are the above filenames corrected.

  • Annual-Report.doc
  • Third-Quarter-Annual-Report-rev3.xls
  • NewMonkeySuit.pdf
  • somedocument.jpg
  • Jane-at-the-summit.jpg