Messenger Settings

The Messenger Settings menu allows you to control the Facebook page that you will be sending Messenger notifications from. We recommend choosing one Facebook page to send all your notifications from since users have to authorize each Facebook page to receive messages from it. If they have not authorized a Facebook page, they will not receive any messages from it. 

Please watch the Campus Suite Notifications - Administrator Setup video for more information.

How do I deactivate/activate a Facebook page from sending out Messenger notifications if more than one is entered?

To turn on/off a Facebook page from sending out Messenger notifications, by default one is always on, navigate to the dashboard and click on Notifications located to the right of the Campus Suite logo.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Messenger Settings in the side navigation
  2. Click the switches to the right of the Facebook accounts that you like to activate/deactivate. Activated switches will be green, while deactivated ones will be grayed out.