Migrating and Importing data into Campus Suite v3 (Blogs)

Whether you are importing data into Campus Suite for the first time or migrating data from a 2.5 website (the old platform), the data has to be put into the proper format before it can be imported. This series of videos and documentation will describe the process. Keep in mind, the process works just the same for all module data, but there are a few fields that do need special formatting. We'll cover them in this series as well. 

First up, this tutorial demonstrates the process of migrating blog data from a v2.5 to a v3 website.

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Common Excel functions

The following functions are referenced in the video tutorials. You'll come here to copy and use them when you are preparing and formatting data in the bulk import sheets before importing data into a v3 website. Campus Suite Project Managers who are handling your data imports will use this file on Google drive for reference.

For merging folder ID with filenames:


For formatting dates:

=TEXT(A1,"yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss.0")

For merging phone extensions with phone numbers:


Merging many fields into a single Bio field:

=(H2&"<p><b>Expertise</b><br>"&G2&"</p><p><b>Year Started</b><br>"&I2&"</p><p><b>Degrees</b><br>"&J2&"</p><p><b>Publications</b><br>"&K2&"</p><p><b>Presentations</b><br>"&L2&"</p><p><b>Professional Interests</b><br>"&M2&"</p><p><b>Awards</b><br>"&N2&"</p><p><b>Experience</b><br>"&O2&"</p>")

Merging Image fields for Galleries:
=CONCATENATE("/path-to-where-you-dumped-the-files-in-the-department-if-needed/", REFERENCE_TO_CELL_WITH_GALLERY_NAME, "/", REFERENCE_TO_CELL_WITH_IMAGE_FILE_NAME)