What are some of the other tools that are commonly used on a school website?

What are some of the other tools that are commonly used on a school website?

There are additional tools that you can choose to use on your website that will give you and possibly visitors to your site additional options, such as sharing pages or news articles with social media platforms while using the website. Below you will find a short list of tools that we have found are commonly used on school websites.

  • AddThis - Lets visitors to your website to share items that they find on your site to their social media channels.
  • DLVR.it - Allows you to share news articles and calendar event to social networks
  • Disqus - Adds commenting to your website's blogs


AddThis allows visitors to share pages and other items such as news articles and blog posts with social media channels we recommend setting up an account at http://www.addthis.com/. After creating the account, you will need to do the following to create and then place the snippet of code on your site.

  1. Click on Share Buttons in AddThis, this will take you to where you can customize the Social Media sharing buttons. If the account already existed click on Tools in the menu bar followed by + ADD NEW TOOL to be taken to where you can select Share Buttons
  2. For Tool Type, we recommend Floating. Which will place the social media sharing buttons on one side of the screen or the other depending on what you select in the next step. After selecting the tool type click on Continue at the bottom of the screen. 
  3. Next, you will be able to customize the position and look of the social media toolbar. that you have chosen.
    • Position - By default, the social media buttons will be on the left side on desktops which you can change to either right or hide. Please send in a customer support ticket if you choose bottom for the Mobile position so we can make adjustments to the footer of your site. 
    • Share Counters - None
    • Social Networks - If you need to customize what social networks are showing, click on Select your own and choose the ones you would like to show. If not we recommend choosing Automatic.
  4. Design - We recommend keeping the style Modern and switching the Mobile Button Size to Medium (40px).
  5. Click on Save & Continue located at the bottom of the screen and you will be taken to where you can get the snippet of code that you will need to place.
  6. If you like you can place the snippet of code by using the instructions shown below. If not please send in a support ticket with the snippet of code and we will place it for you. 
    • To place the snippet of code on your site, click on Sites & Departments on the dashboard followed by View Departments. This will take you to the root directory of your site. At the top, in the header area where it displays the department that you are in, click on the name of the department name to reveal a menu where you will need to select Edit Department followed by HTML Overrides
  7. Scroll down to Bottom Scripts and paste the code snippet that you received from AddThis into that box. When you are done click Save at the bottom of the screen. 

Please note that this will place the Share to social media tab sitewide on your site. 


To share News articles (RSS) or Calendar events (iCal) to social networks we recommended setting up a free account at www.dlvr.it and use our RSS or iCal feeds to syndicate articles or events out to the social networks. You will need to enter the appropriate URL of the feed which you can find by clicking on Subscribe on the appropriate News or Calendar module page. 

After creating your account with www.dlvr.it, you will need to take a couple more steps in setting it up. The following links review how to add the social media accounts that you would like to share articles or events with and how to add the RSS feeds to pull the RSS feed content in to be shared. 

Finally, the following links take you to dlvr.it's knowledge base and articles focused on using the application. 


The following tutorial will show you how to set up a free Disqus account that you will use to manage and moderate the blogs on your website. Disqus is a widely-popular tool to use to handle blog commenting and provides a lot of control over your site blog comments. To find out more and to set up a free account please visit the website.

Click the Enter Full-Screen icon at the lower-right corner of the video to view the video at full screen.