What happens if none of my users are getting emails from my website?

Now and then, you or those in your organization may find you are not getting critical emails sent from your Campus Suite website. We can thank spam filters for that. Spam filters do a pretty good job at doing what they are told, but often, we have the ask them to make exceptions. Depending on the solution your organization uses, this is done in a variety of ways. Let us attempt to help steer you in the right direction.

First, while you may have a spam filter installed on your local computer, understand that spam filters can also be set at your organization level. Typically, your IT person, or "domain admin" will be the one managing this. They can block entire domains, IP's, etc. The solution to allowing the emails sent from your website (such as login emails, and reset password emails) to come through will likely be done at your organization level. So, send this article to your IP person and we'll be happy to help where you need it.

Just keep the overall goal in mind. You are trying to tell your spam filter to ALLOW emails that are being sent to you from your Campus Suite website, specifically, you want to whitelist *@campussuite.com

See the links below to understand how to set up and manage the spam filters using those spam solutions: