Design Production Stage

What should be included on the Home and Inner art boards?

The Home and Inner boards are referenced in the PSD Photoshop design file when creating a theme for Campus Suite. Find the original PSD and starter docs here.

You'll want to include everything you want to see on your home page as well as a secondary page example. Think of these mock-ups as a static representation of how you want your home page and default inner/secondary page to look when viewing them in the browser. We will need this as a guide to produce and style your custom theme. By dictating the look and feel it streamlines our build time and helps to ensure consistency across your website.

All pages will obviously include the header and footer. The home page may also include a feature slider, a recent blog list, quick links, etc. The secondary page may include a sidebar with secondary navigation, breadcrumbs, etc.

Included below are examples of a complete home page and inner page design from one of our CS themes in our library for reference.