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November 30th, 2020 Platform Updates

We've received a number of questions about some subtle changes to the navigation and slider images.

The updates that were released to the platform on November 30th were ADA requirements implied by the Office of Civil Rights (OCR). We actively work to ensure your website is up to date and meets these standards (that can often change with little notice) to help prevent your organization from being contacted by the OCR.

While most updates are not typically noticeable, there are two that are more apparent in this update.

  1. Play/pause buttons were added to the Homepage slider widgets. By law, there should be no moving things on the screen without the ability to play or pause.
  2. Carets were added to the drop-down menus. This allows a person using a screen reader more control over the navigation and expansion of the sub-menus.

We have already received questions about the update and have collected them below for your review. We'll add more info as we work with our customers.

  • How do I remove the Play/Pause button on the slider?
    If you want your site to be ADA-compliant and accessible, we recommend that you turn off the Autoplay function for sliders in the Settings menu of the widget. You can choose not to be compliant and have them removed. If you want them to be removed, please contact support and our designers can remove it for you.
  • How do I get rid of the carets in the main menu?
    While we suggest not hiding them to ensure your site is accessible, they can be hidden. Please contact support and our designers can remove them for you.
  • Why do my main menus now show underscores to the right of each selection?
    If your website is showing an underscore instead of a caret, it's likely you simply need to clear your cache as we recompiled your website theme since your last visit. Try refreshing your cache by following these instructions.

We hope this helps you understand the role we are playing as your website partner. If you find any of these adjustments affect the normal readability or usability of your website, contact our support desk and we'll help you make any needed adjustments so that all users have the most positive experience using your website!