Where would I look to edit items on my main page?

To edit the items on the main page of your site you will need to go to one of two different locations, either the Inner Layout or the Outer Layout. Both of these can be found in the Themes & Layouts menu on the dashboard. Below is a list of items you may find when visiting either

  • Outer Layout - Usually you can determine what is in the Outer Layout when viewing the site itself. The outer layout can be seen at both the top (header) and bottom (footer) of all of the pages. Depending on your site, the header will include the mega menu and any item above that. Also depending on the design of your site, the footer will include the links located at the bottom of the site, address of the school/district, social icons, etc.

  • Inner Layout - This will include items that are between the header, below the meg menu and above the footer. While viewing the website it will be items on the main page that will not be present when viewing another page.  This usually includes the Owl slider, calendar news and quick links on the main page.