General Information

Why aren't all pages print-friendly on my website?

With the movements towards newer trends and technology, we demand browsers and web pages to jump through more hoops than ever. Successful education websites today must be:

  • Responsive, to reformat to the size screen they are loaded on, 
  • ADA compliant, to make them accessible to those with vision and hearing disabilities using special screen readers, 
  • Fast-loading, so they load up quickly on mobile phones, tablets, and devices with a slower internet connection,
  • Easy to manage, so district administrators and their publishers can log in and add timely content for parents and students.

Content that is frequently printed, such as school calendars, has special print views so they print in a more expected manner. However, it is not practical to make all content printable just due to the nature of how publishers need to be able to add content on their own. 

While there is less of a call for print-friendly pages, due to how content is consumed and can be shared across the internet and social media channels, we do work towards better printing capabilities, but only to the extent where it does not compromise the requirements listed above.